Most people don’t start because of fear of failure. Some don’t start because they fear the process… the sacrifices, new habits, having to learn new skills.

But there’s a third and surprisingly common fear… the fear of success! This lessor known fears holds so many people back from achieving something amazing in their life without them realising it. 

Our current hardships and situations become our safety blanket and we find it easier to maintain relationships with people as we find understanding and support in the struggle, whether it be with money, relationships, health and our careers.

We have all experienced the shift in people around us when someone does succeed. Conversations go from “that’s okay, your still doing great” to “who do they think they are?” 

We are subconsciously conditioned that some success is a negative experience. Great career success, amazing relationships, even buying a house… Why do we get to have success when so many people around us are still struggling?

So, we begin to dampen our glow. We hide and down play our success. We almost feel ashamed of ourselves.

I often hear this happening from my clients. They seek to find flaws in their life to help people feel better about their own situations.

By doing pointing out our shortcomings, we maintain the status quo. We get to keep our relationships and avoid criticism of the things we care about most, the things we took bold action to excel and succeed. 

But what is the fear of success costing us? What situations are we tolerating to protect those around us? 

It’s important to really ask yourself, what would happen if you were successful? How would your successful self show up every day and handle situations thrown your way?

We mustn’t ever feel fear of success! Its okay for situations and relationship to change. It’s okay to grow as a person.

So, long story short… Your vibe attracts your tribe… just make sure it’s a tribe that supports you being proud of your success. 

Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


Sometimes it’s a big moment in your life that you realise that something has to change.

Maybe it’s that you need to break free from your current routine.

You just know something has to change!

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Where do you begin? Where you want to be? What do you need do?

As a result, we end up with Paralysis by Analysis! We never move forward because we become comfortable constantly considering all options as its safer than choosing one and powering on with it. But what do we achieve by playing it safe? What are we missing out on?

I thought I was always really good at making decisions and taking immediate action. Then I was told I had Paralysis by Analysis.

Being told I had this massively hit home as I continued to find myself in these situations more and more where I didn’t know where to start… in life, in business.

Becoming aware of this helped me break through the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin…. I was overcoming my procrastination. I found the key for me was to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE!

It’s human nature in this busy world of today that we try to be, do and have it all at once. Stepping back to look at the big picture every now and again can have a massive impact on your decisions and taking quicker actions.

To keep things simple, I created the Top 3 Goal Sheet to help get clear on what’s most important right now, and how you can take action every day to achieve your goals sooner!

So, long story short … Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin – Victor Kiam.

Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


I love my comfort zone! I love hanging out in my own little bubble. But unfortunately the quotes on Instagram are right… life does begin outside of your comfort zone!

Job security, money security, routine security were always really important to me and I maintained them as my highest priority and for the year that I was studying and starting my business … so I kept working full time so I could hold on to my security with a very tight grip. And the result… I began burning out and falling behind on everything. This pushed me to re-evaluate my situation and the decided action was completely out of my comfort zone.

I gave up my full time job, letting go of main securities and began working from home and focusing on creating my castle. This was a very scary step which took a little adjusting to get use to.

Everyone’s comfort zone is different and even a small change can have a big impact on our mindset and out actions.

Many of my clients are challenged during their sessions to see what options they have available to help them achieve their goals and every time, they find themselves stepping up to the challenge and deciding on actions that push them from their comfort zone into their stretch zone.. the zone where the magic happens!

The rewards for this step can be extremely empowering and by reflecting on your achievements, you will expand your comfort zone and be more confident to continue and try new things.

I raise a glass to those who are brave, bold and continuously work hard everyday to become comfortable outside of their comfort zone.

So, long story short…. A comfort zone is a great place… but nothing every grows there – Anon

Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle

I’m Taking Back Control

Last week I was working with my coach on my values and beliefs. The timing was perfect as it was the same week I was attending my final Personal Performance Diploma training day, Values and Beliefs. It was also good timing as became very relevant to my mindset.

For months I had been successfully powering through my training and setting up the business whilst working full time. There were lots of ups and downs in my journey. It was full of wins and mistakes… my First Attempts In Learning… but every time I felt like I was stuck, I broke it down and was able to power through.

But this time it felt different.

Before I would easily find something “more important” to do to avoid building my website or starting my blog. Now I’m approaching the pointy end of the process and I am running out of those “more important” things to do. So, I kept finding myself staring at my motivational desktop wallpapers until I could find something else to do or felt like I deserved a break.

As I began falling behind, I just felt more overwhelmed by everything that I had to do to catch up. I found it easier to talk about ideas than actually take action.

Fortunately, this didn’t go unnoticed in my coaching sessions and we spent some time working through what was causing the sudden block in my actions.

I had previously tried identifying my own values, beliefs and fears on my own, and I really thought I had it all figured out. Turned out… I didn’t. It is too easy to tell myself the little lies about me being who I want to be and keep me in my comfort zone.

When you work with a coach, you are able to understand your motivators at a deeper level. They really listen to what you say, what you don’t say and can challenge you in a way that can empower you to push through the beliefs that can be holding you back.

For me, I learnt that I will happily stay in my comfort zone if stepping out of it means I will lose control. When I find myself doubting my decisions or feel overwhelmed by constant feedback, I take swift action to remove myself from this situation so that I can regain control and be back in my comfort zone again, something I was telling myself was “freedom”.

It sounds simple, and possibly common enough, but when it come to your business, or any big life decisions, it can really hold us back.

Whilst I’m building my business, I don’t want to remove myself from any situations anymore. I want to enjoy the journey, to celebrate the wins, to learn from the mistakes and to gain more self-awareness along the way. I am taking back control! I am not letting the fear keep me from chasing my dream, achieving my goal and being a successful coach.

Our values, beliefs and fears are all very personal to us and have an incredible impact on our thoughts and actions every day. What could be stopping you from living life as your best self every day?

So, long story short… Taking control over things does matter, but the way in which it is taken matters more – Aditi Gadhvi

Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


We all have fears that hold us back. Fear that we won’t be successful enough… Fear of the journey ahead… Even fear of succeeding!

When starting my business, I have had to confront a lot of my fears and it hasn’t been easy. There is a very big gap between my comfort zone and where I what my business to grow to.

My first big challenging was starting this blog. I had the ideas and passion about what I wanted to write, but I kept asking myself over and over… does this sound okay? Is the grammar and spelling perfect? Will anyone actually want to read it, let alone come back to read the next one? Will anyone recommend it to their friends and family?

I’m now three weeks in and so far so good…

My next journey out of my comfort zone is doing video. My goal for this week is to go live on Facebook. It’s in the blog now so no excuses!

But people have been publishing blogs and doing live video for years so what’s the big deal? Why am I telling you about this?

My purpose for sharing this isn’t that I am writing and recording like everyone else, but that I am doing something that scares me. Something that I never thought I would do. And I am facing my fears as a result of my coaching.

The easier way would have been to keep coming up with creative ideas to “improve” my blogs more before I hit publish, or record and edit my videos again and again before I put them out there and “expose” my true self to the world, but I made the conscious decision that my message was more important than any hang up I could ever have.

By holding off releasing blogs and videos, I am keeping everything I have learnt to myself. Only I am gaining from this. So, is that really fair? Is in congruent with my goal and my purpose?

No, it’s not and my business is bigger than my fears. If I blog and share videos, you have the option  to decide if its right for you or if you want to come back and check out the new lessons I learn along my coaching journey.

We all have things that we put off doing. Everyone procrastinates. So, what are you benefiting from not taking that action? What could happen if you did take the action… both good and bad?

If a friend told you they weren’t going to do something due to their fear, how would you respond? Would you say that’s fair enough and let them continue letting their fear stop them? Or would you support them to be their best self?

Fear can be good and be there to protect us, but it’s fun to try something new every now and again. Who knows, we may really enjoy conquering our fears!

So, long story short… Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

Post originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle