Am I Being Productive… Or Am I Just Busy?

I love creating to-do lists and filling out my multiple planners! I’m addicted to the sense of achievement I feel when I tick something off as done and this helps keep me focused.

Then, before I do or create anything for my business, I have to read and learn about whatever I am doing. I need to make sure I know exactly what I’m doing and have understood everything.

BUT… All I am doing is being BUSY! I feel like I am doing things but I’m not getting any closer to my goals.

The actual key to achieving SUCCESS is to be PRODUCTIVE, not just busy!

It can be hard to identify what is busy work and what is productive work, and it can be hard to break the routine.

Thinking back to the beginning of lock down and with a bit more time on my hands, I thought I was doing a great job of keeping on top of things! I did my spring cleaning and planned to start working out each day.

For my business, I started to plan masterclasses to complete and I planned my social media content for each month.

I also started to plan my launches for 2020. Podcast in July – Check! New mindset and business coaching program… in September! A new digital course… keep watching this space…

I thought I was doing an amazing job and nailing my time in lockdown!

Until I realised, I was being busy rather than productive. 

Whilst I love a good planning session, all my planning wasn’t helping me achieve any of my goals. I found myself getting stuck in this phase.

So, I had to go back to my coaching basics:

  • Get clear and hyper focused on my goals
  • Determine what inspired action I was going to take
  • Actually take the action!

I know the last one sounds very obvious and simple, but it’s a step we all often miss, or shy away from.

From then on, I made sure to check in with myself and ask “am I being productive, or am I being busy?”

The result…

  • I was able to focus on the 20% of action that lead to 80% results
  • I had a clear road map linking my goals to results
  • I experienced a true sense of achievement as I was finally moving closer to my goals

But this leads to the burning question – how do I know when I am being busy and when I am being productive?

This will vary for everyone based on your priorities, passions and business, and will continue to change over time.

I was recently listening to Carrie Green’s podcast, She Means Business Show, and she demonstrated a great example of this – the benefits of mediation!  

For some, this could be considered busy work, a luxury for when you have some extra time for yourself. It not often an action we take that can give us tangible results.

But, meditating can lead to increased productivity. With a clear, calm and focused mind, you are able to achieve so much more in your day!

This is just a little bit of food for thought for you for when you start breaking things down into busy or productive categories.

I’ll be the first to put my hand up – I still get caught in my busy work, it’s just who I need to be sometimes, but it’s become important to me to make sure I make more room for the productive work each day!

So, long story short… Being busy means doing stuff, being productive means getting stuff done – Unknown

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Article originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle Coaching.

Finding your way back to your purpose and passion

In life, business, relationships and travel, we all occasionally lose our way. We lose sight of our destination – our purpose and our passion.

Most of the time we just need to take a break or change our environment. To give ourselves a chance to sit back and look at the bigger picture again and remind ourselves of our Whys.

But what do you do if you can’t? Or if it doesn’t work? How do you realign yourself with your purpose and reconnect with your passion again?

This is something I personally experienced in my business during lockdown.

What business owners and entrepreneurs don’t share on Instagram is the number of hours they work and the hours of lost sleep, especially in the beginning.

We don’t share the full stories about the struggles we have with imposter syndrome, self-doubt and the hesitations you have about what to do, how to do it and if you are able to do it.

We keep to ourselves the amount of finances and time we have invested in ourselves and the business – training, marketing, systems. We miss nights out and skip holidays as we pour all of our time, money and energy into our business.

In the beginning, you feel like you’re on fire and can take on the world. You’re excited to share your dreams and passions with the world all whilst being your own boss! But after a while you begin to question – how do I know this is worth it? How will I know everything will be okay?

These are thoughts that crept up for me, especially during lockdown when it was hard to feel inspired and creative, when I began to feel like I was living Groundhog Day.

I found myself struggling to meditate and slow my mind. I was feeling less and less motived to journal. All the planning in the world couldn’t help me create, write and share. And planning is my thing!

So, I took a few days off… but even that couldn’t reignite the fire that was once in my belly.

Eventually I found my way back to where I am today. How?

Whilst I was doubting myself and my business, those around me didn’t stop believing in me.

I was fortunate to be kept going by my amazing, committed and very much appreciated cheer squad – my partner and family that have the greatest amount of love and unshakeable belief in me, my clients who share their energy, support and excitement with me, and the people who show up in our lives when we need them… and take you crystal shopping, surrounding you with positive energy and beauty. I am now in love with Venusrox Crystals in Notting Hill!

So, for myself, and the everyone who needs to hear this…

  • It’s okay to pause, or stop, if you need to. You will always find your way back if and when you’re ready.
  • It’s okay to take a break from being positive all of the time. Listen to what your body and emotions are telling you, or they will find a way to make their message clearer.
  • It’s okay to rely on those around you to support and help you find your way. You don’t have to do it alone.

So, long story short … She’s Sos, she’s got this! – My Dad who believed in me when I wasn’t able to believe in myself.

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Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle.

So, What’s Your Excuse?

“Ms Smith did X and she had Y challenge to overcome… so what’s your excuse?”

Ummm… Her goal isn’t my priority!

I’m all for sharing success stories and challenging people’s excuses, but at what point does it go from being encouraging and supportive, to shaming?

This is something I seem to be coming across a lot lately in several areas of life.

Such as the people who don’t feel well and are isolating to protect those around. They feel guilty because they didn’t go into work and now feel like they have let people down and that people will think they are over reacting.

The business trainer who kept going over the point that you can’t “light a candle and ask the universe for what you want” because if you really wanted success, you would watch their webinar live at 3am rather than watching the replay the next day during your chosen office hours.

This also came up in an accountability group recently where there were two sides – one person was trying to get everyone engaging in the group because they proudly live and breathe their business and see the weekend as a time to still be super active and engaged versus the person who told them that most people switch off on the weekend so the group shouldn’t be active then.

I’ve also been told that I shouldn’t work the hours I do as it’s not the reason you go into business – what’s wrong with working midnight to 6am when there are only the foxes to distract you?

If you really look at it, I’m even shaming the people above because I feel their style, enthusiasm and experience shame others!

These feelings of shame also come up a lot in sessions with my clients, and is something that still hits home with me. Our imposter syndrome and self-doubt can also be very big supporters of these beliefs.

And it all comes down to one very big question that you can ask yourself over and over again… Is their goal my goal, and in turn, my priority?

When you see someone’s picture perfect Instagram feed, are their goals your goals?

When you see someone with a successful career, is their job title your dream job title?

When you hear someone working shorter/longer/different hours than you and you feel guilty, is that the work life balance you want?

One way to look at it is if you feel like a burger and then you see someone with a different dish, do you order and try to eat both… or do you get on with eating and enjoying your burger?

When we really want something, we make it a priority! We tell the universe what we want and then we work together to co-create that success.

Stick to your own agenda, you’ve already got this! Please don’t make me have to shame you for losing sight of your dreams because you got distracted by someone else’s!

So, long story short… Be true to you and you will be rewarded with your successes.

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Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle.


As a business owner, we have an abundance of resources available to us, whether online in articles, free workbooks and videos, or offline with books and networking events.
In addition to these resources, I am also enrolled in two amazing membership sites that have masterclasses on every aspect on business and are 100% aligned with the vision and values of myself and my business.
I have always said that I had all the resources I need to become a millionaire. But you may have noticed that I haven’t got there yet. One very good reason for this is time… sadly most people don’t go from idea to millionaire in a year… or two.  
Plus, I haven’t always made time to work through the masterclasses.
Below are 5 steps that I have now implemented into my routine to help me be more organised and effective with my time.
Step 1: Clarity
Whilst this seems to be my constant number one go to, it’s always important to know where you are going and why you want to go there.

Once you know what the what and the why, it’s time to establish the how. What resources do you need? Who do you need to get on board to help?

As a checklist and planner enthusiast, I also recommend writing down what needs to be done. This helps keep to-do lists from running around in our head all day or from forgetting anything. It also helps with Step 4 below.  
Step 2: Clean up your To-Do List
Ask yourself honestly… are you really going to do all of your tasks? Or are you writing down things that will lead to procrastination? What can you remove?

It’s nice to have a full to-do list with all the jobs that have been on the “one day” list forever, but make sure it’s realistic. Overestimating can easily lead to overwhelm.

Plus, there’s nothing more draining than seeing a task staring at you constantly. I’m still to properly clean out my wardrobe 🤦‍♀️

But what if you HAVE to do a horrible task… then follow Step 3.
Step 3: Eat the Frog
I remember learning this back in 2013 and thinking it was the strangest thing ever. Little did I know that I was learning one the most important steps in time management.
The concept behind Brian Tracy’s eating the frog is that you do the worst task first! You look at what the ugliest task is and get it out of the way, then work your way through to the least ugly task.
When we avoid doing something, we waste time, procrastinate and stress or worry about the outcome of the task. By getting it out of the way, you are able to move on with your day and other task with greater ease.
To find more information and resources, Click Here.
Step 4: Group related tasks together
In NLP, this process is referred to as “chunking”.

Chunking up helps you expand something to look at a bigger picture. This can help increase motivation as can see the overall impact of your actions.

Chunking down is when you take a big task and break it down to smaller, more manageable steps.

When looking at your to-do list, what tasks can you group together to have a big overall win? What actions can be broken down further so you don’t feel as overwhelmed?
Grouping tasks together can also help minimise distractions and procrastination as you can quickly move from one task to the next.
When we find our groove, we can take on the world!
Step 5: Identify your behaviour patterns
We all have different energy levels throughout the day and learning to identify these levels can help you create an efficient and easy way to stick to daily routine.
I have always been the first to admit that I’m not a morning person. My chatty personality doesn’t wake up until at least 11am. Between 9-11am is the best time for me to be really productive and do admin.

Once the coffee kicks in and I began engaging with people, I find my creativity and curiosity take over so that is the best time for me to work with clients and focus on marketing.

Then towards the end of the day, I begin to wear and am happy to relax a bit. I find that training and personal development tasks are ideal as I’m able to sit back and just absorb the information. It sounds crazy, but it works for me.

Many people also find it helpful to work on creating their marketing content first thing in the morning when ideas flow to them with more ease, and also before they become content consumers throughout the day.
It’s not always easy to power through our to-do lists and some days are easier that others to get things done.

Just never give up the opportunity to take a break and to check in and celebrate your wins!

So, long story short… Time management is really personal management, life management, and management of yourself – Brian Tracy

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Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


So, 2020 hasn’t quite gone as planned, but it’s not over yet! There’s still time to pause, pivot and be proud of yourself.

It feels like over the last few months that everywhere I turned I was being told to pivot. In my personal routines, business… pivot!

It got to the point that when I went outside and saw people adjusting to their new daily exercise routines, a voice in my head was congratulating them on their excellent pivoting (yes, that really did happen!).

So, as things start to change … once again this year… where do you begin when you need to pivot?

1. Pause

Firstly, you need to know where you are starting from.

It’s more than okay to just stop. To observe your surroundings and take everything in. Take all the time you need, and come back to this when you need to.

2. Pivot

Now for the fun part – pivoting!

Whether it’s in your normal day to day ways, or in your business, we all have core values and routines that keep us going in a constant direction.

Our methods and routines keep changing, but our why and what we stand for hasn’t.

You can ask yourself:

  • What new resources and opportunities do you now have available to you?
  • How can you reach out to and connect with people?
  • What crazy idea have you kept putting to the back of your mind because you thought it was crazy?

3. Be Proud

Always, always, always take time to be proud of your journey, your strengths and your achievements.

No matter what your experience has been this year, we have all:

  • Come together in some way to still make someone smile
  • Taken extra care to learn, understand and look after people we care about, and people we haven’t met
  • Learnt something new and developed new skills
  • Formed a new and deep appreciation for the things we once took for granted

So, long story short… When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Viktor Frankl

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Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


What does success look like to you?

Is it a dream house, holiday or car? Or is it to have great work/life balance?

For me it was to have my own successful coaching business, to be debt free and financially abundant, and to be able to travel the world staying in stunning places before returning to my beautiful home and puppy!

Why were these things important to me? Why did I recognise them as success?

In some way they all represented values that were important to me.

In my blog, Your Journey – Your Transformation, I talked about the benefits and transformations that I experienced from coaching.

Today I wanted to take this one step further and talk more about the true benefits of coaching, achieved through Mindset Coaching.

So, what are true benefits?

I once had a business mentor ask me “What it would mean to you to earn £10k in one month?”

I responded with “Being on my way to being debt free” – a benefit!

She went a little deeper and asked “What would that look like?”

Before I realised it, I was opening up more… “It would mean sleep! It would mean being able to leave my house (this was pre-lockdown) and go visit places locally and afar, to be able to give myself permission to indulge myself guilt free.”

These were the TRUE benefits – sleep, flexibility, independence, freedom, confidence!

So, looking back at my previous definition of success, I saw that what I really wanted was to be independent, rather than working and living by someone else’s rules.

I wanted so much to able to sleep at night knowing that I could afford my bills and have financial freedom.

To reduce my levels of anxiety and build my confidence by being able to change my environment and go on adventures that get me out of my own head and help break the cycle of negative self-talk.

Over the past few years, I have invested a lot of time and money in the benefits of coaching. We focused on the steps involved in building an audience and community so I could offer my coaching services to more people. I made the commitment to show up as someone who is bold, brave and consistent. 

I know I talk a lot about how important it is to have the right mindset for success, and this is key for fulfilling your true benefits from your goals!

Learning the Clique Method of Coaching and NLP has helped me go to the next level in my journey and transformation.

One example that demonstrates this was my thoughts around money! I use to focus my attention to increasing my income and started to associate my success to the money in the bank. I had a negative relationship with money. Subconsciously I worked hard to keep it out of my life, not attract it!

Exploring my mindset around money, I looked at what the true benefits were of having money. Money meant sleep, flexibility, independence, freedom, confidence – all the things I was looking for.

Once I began viewing money in a different way, it began to flow more easily into my life.

As they say, money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you options!

I’m still also working on attracting a puppy into my life! If you are finding that you are stuck or have reached a limit on your goal, it may help to consider what are the true benefits behind your goals? Are these congruent with your values and beliefs? How important are these true benefits to you?

So, long story short… A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything – Irish Proverb.

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Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


This year has bought us many opportunities to learn and understand each other at a much deeper level, to reconsider our priorities and the impact of our actions. It has also bought new challenges around mental health.

Mental health has always been a topic close to my heart and as supporters, carers and sometimes as business owners, we can lose sight of looking after our own mental health. We don’t make caring for ourselves a priority. But there is a reason why the airlines ask you to secure your own oxygen mask before helping others.

In my coaching business, I love the energy that is shared during client sessions. But to keep that energy high, I have to make sure that I am bringing my own high energy.

To help me manage this, I have my ‘Goddess Routine’ that I try to work through each day.

My routine was inspired by Dani Watson from The Clique Academy and builds on from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

I have read the books and done the trainings that all say you should get up early and embrace the day. That if you are living the life you love then you will bounce out of bed at 5am or 6am.

Now, I’m the first to put my hand up and say that I am not a morning person. No matter how much love I have for my day, I just can’t do it. My brain just works better at 1am than it does at 9am. And that’s okay, although mainly because I can be flexible with the hours I work… So, I gave myself permission to work on these actions throughout my day, rather than doing everything in the first hour.

Before I go into detail, I understand that the below actions aren’t for everyone, and not everyone will have the time or opportunities to do everything on this list. My intention is help create awareness of the options and impact that having some mindful exercises in your day can have.  

1. Meditation

It took some time for me to be able to enjoy the benefits of meditation. I had tried it in the past and felt more stressed as I tried to block out all of my busy thoughts. With time and practice, I was able to learn to acknowledge and release my thoughts.

Over the past few months, it has now become a ritual of its own. I have my crystals, incense, candles, theta wave music and my cushion for extra comfort. I love sitting by my window, feeling the sun on my skin and taking time to pause and allowing time for my soul to speak up.


I was never a big reader growing up. I thought that the only time I had for reading was in bed, and if I’m in bed then I wanted to be sleeping not reading!

Now I try to spend a few hours each week expanding my knowledge through personal development and learning new ways to improve and grow my business.

3. Movement

In my perfect world, I get up every morning and do a yoga routine.

Whilst I’m not quite in my perfect world yet, I do try to make sure I do something to get my body moving for the day, whether it’s stretching, yoga, a few minutes of my weights, or a nice walk in the park.

It is also important to be mindful of the habits we create when we work behind a computer all day. I’ve had to set reminders in my calendar each hour to make sure I would take a break from my screen and stand up. Yes, my colleagues thought I was weird but it was worth it!

4. Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to help change your inner voice, negative self-talk and sub-conscious beliefs over time.

To help enhance the impact of your affirmations, ensure they are something you believe is truly possible. If you don’t believe what you are saying, then you will not be able to change your thoughts.

You can also strengthen your connection to your affirmation by creating an anchor for when you say your affirmations. Anchoring is a common NLP technique that helps encourage a frame of mind or emotion by carrying out a particular action, such as pinching your ear.

5. Visualisation

The most common and fun way to visualise is to create a vision board. I have my physical board as well as my digital board on Pinterest. Visualization meditations are also gaining popularity with many guided meditations available online.

But as fun as it is to do arts and crafts, you need to check in on a few things:

Do you really feel connected to the image your quote that you are putting on the board? If it feels too detached from your current reality and mindset then you could begin to self-sabotage your success. It’s wonderful to dream big, just be sure that you are comfortable with achieving that success.

Include your current successes and achievements on your board, creating it as a Vision and Success Board. Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between our imagination and reality so seeing the all the images together raises your vibration so you can begin attracting more of what you want into your life.

Also don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit! When we look at something every day, it can begin to lose its power as it settles into being a part of our environment. Part of my money mind set practice is to ‘Act As if’! I look at the travel brochures I would if I were booking my dream holiday. I configure my dream car online and look up my dream homes online. By doing this I am experiencing the emotion of achieving that goal, creating a stronger attachment to my future success.

6. Inspiration

If you go looking, you will find endless sources of inspiration, the most common and easily accessible being Instagram.

I need to put my hand up for being one of those ‘life coaches’ that’s always posting motivational and inspirational quotes. It’s always done with good intention, what may not resonate with you on a particular day could be just what someone else needed to hear. Plus, I love my music so it’s a fun way to sing to the world!

But even I can only handle so much #goodvibesonly. Some days it just not for us, we struggle to find our motivation and being told to ‘always be happy’ just makes it worse.

Alternatives from the OTT #myperfectlife people of Instagram, there are podcasts, trainings, supportive Facebook groups and books that can help you feel more supported and connected to yourself, no matter how you feel each day.

7. Health Shake and Juices

It’s important to keep our mind, body and spirit nourished. Our bodies go through so much to support the needs of ourselves and others. Even when we need to rest, we push our bodies to keep going because someone else needs us.

Reward your body with a juice or health shake. I personally like my Vega shake as its full of nutrients and ready in only a minute!

8. Journaling

There are multiple types of journaling that I do – goals, dreams, ideas, gratitude, reflection and money mindset. I don’t journal on all of these every day, but I like to spend few minutes, whether in the morning or evening, writing down my thoughts.

Journaling has been known to have the following benefits:

  • Gives you greater mental clarity through the process of releasing your thoughts onto paper
  • Helps you to visualise the dream life you want to manifest
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by acknowledging your thoughts and releasing them
  • Helps with learning by reflecting on what you have learnt throughout your day
  • Provides support with managing negative self-talk as you become more aware of your thought patterns. Once you have identified your internal chatter, you can begin to change your voice to more positive self-talk.  There are several NLP techniques that can assist with this.

9. Planning

Each Monday I have a big planning session for my week ahead, but I still find it beneficial to still plan for each day the night ahead. It gives me an opportunity to review my day, acknowledge my achievements and be clear on the tasks I have ahead of me.

Again, by writing everything down on a To-Do List, it means that I don’t have thoughts racing through my mind when I am trying to sleep.

10. Money mindset

Many of these steps were covered in my previous blog, It’s All About The Money… Mindset.

Unfortunately, your money mindset isn’t something that you can change overnight. It takes more than a few changes to start manifesting money. You need to show up constantly for yourself before you can see results.

Some of the tasks I do include the activities listed above, including mediation, chakra cleansing, affirmations and journaling, I just adjust my intention to focus on my beliefs around money.

So, long story short… You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great – Zig Ziglar

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Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


That’s right! Time to learn from out F.A.I.L.S!!

With a bit more time on my hands recently, I have been reading a few short business books and they all keep talking about failure – they have stats on the number of businesses that fail, they tell you what to do so that you don’t fail and then they talk about their own failures. 

But… the reason I’m able to read their books now is because they didn’t let failure stop them! They didn’t want to be another statistic so they went back to the drawing board, rather than calling it a day.

They have owned their ‘failures’ and have welcomed them in as part of their business story. They have embraced their learning and asked for feedback, allowing the experience to guide them in a different direction. 

What isn’t always in the books and what we need to remember is that sometimes you need to allow yourself time to learn from your experience and pick yourself back up again! Often this doesn’t happen overnight and sometimes it takes a little bit more than our sheer determination to get back to taking on the world. 

I’m still early days in my business and I already have a number of things that haven’t quite gone to plan…

  • Marketing campaigns that didn’t bring about any results… at all
  • Investing in training that wasn’t quite right for my audience, me and my business
  • Letting people’s opinions cast doubt on my own success … the hardest of all lessons to learn!

You can be powerful on your own. You can inspire people with your own voice. You can begin building your castle with your own idea… oh and some WI-FI and coffee!

So, long story short… Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? — Yoda

Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle

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Have you ever wondered what money mindset coaching is, or why it is necessary? Surely it is odd that people struggled with attracting and accepting money into their lives.

At a conscious level, nearly everyone wants to attract and accept money into their lives. It helps our world go round – it puts a roof over our head, food in our bellies and occasionally a nice holiday. Who wouldn’t want that?

Oh, if only it was that easy!

I know it isn’t that easy as I struggled with my own money mindset challenges. As soon as money came my way, I worked hard to get rid of it ASAP so that I could restore the status quo of my financial situation. I was use to the struggle and so I was subconsciously pushing away any money that came into my life.

Overtime this served me well enough, until I went to start a business. It’s hard to build a successful business when you reject and push away money.

It didn’t matter how many checklists I completed, I wasn’t able to gain any momentum with anything until I worked on my money mindset and began to take inspired action.

My transformation started when I started learning The Clique Method of coaching and took the following 5 steps: 

Get clear!

I know I say this all of the time, but it’s so important to get clear on what you want. It’s not enough to say you want to be wealthy or rich. What do you define as rich? Would you be satisfied with manifesting £10 as you are now £10 richer?

How much money would you like to manifest in a month? A year? Note down a specific amount.

Identify your money blocks and what is holding you back.

We are all influenced by those closest to us, and thoughts about money are no different. If you hear every day that money is hard to come by and that you have to work really long hours to earn money, you will adopt these beliefs as your own. As a result, you will seek out situations that will prove these beliefs as fact.

Over the next day or two, start noticing what thoughts and conversations you have around money.

Change your beliefs.

A wonderful thing about beliefs is that they aren’t facts. We can change our beliefs.

What beliefs do you want to have instead of your current beliefs, for example money comes to me with ease. I deserve to live an abundant life.

Affirmations and journaling about your new beliefs are effective ways to help our new conscious beliefs become our new subconscious beliefs.

Raise your vibration.

Do you ever catch yourself saying “Why does this always happen to me?”. “Why does she get everything she wants so easily”

We attract what we are a vibrational match to. If we have a high energy, then we attract will situations and outcomes that are high vibrations. The same is for low energy.

What could you do to raise your vibration? Self-love, self-care… maybe a walk in the park, something to indulge yourself.

Take inspired action.

If you are trying to save money, many articles will tell you to give up your morning take away coffee…sensible advice as the totals soon add up.

But what if your morning coffee is a treat, part of your morning ritual to have a good and productive day. A chance to support a local small business.

How do you feel having this taken away from you (no pun intended)? Do you feel as inspired to go about your day with an instant coffee in someone else’s mug? Or are you reminded every day that you have to sacrifice your take away coffee because of debt or savings.

What if there was a different option, one that allowed you to have your coffee and money too! An option that let you feel good about saving money. This is Inspired Action!

What can you do that makes you feel good? What steps can you take that lights you up because you know you are moving closer to achieving your money goal?

So, long story short… Your mindset about money will actively create your own financial security – Ann Sanfelippo

Originally published by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle


Signing up your first client is one of the most exciting times for a coach… if not the most! It marks a time when you are no longer a wantpreneur and become “a real business owner”. What we don’t always realise is that we have a very important client long before that, they just don’t pay you or sign a contract. 

For every coach who has trained, journaled, worked through the recommended reading and completed the personal development workbooks, we are out first client. 

Throughout my training, I have completed endless exercises and practices where I have had to play the role of coach and client. I have had to look inwards and answer the tough questions myself. I have experienced the transformation from coaching first hand. 

I was able to identify my true strengths and focus on my core zone of genius, all because I was able to learn what they are. 

Coaching is a process. We are trained on the right questions to ask, how to really listen and on the multiple techniques and tools to use. But there is so much more to coaching.

So why am I sharing this with you?

I normally write about the coaching process, aiming to give you valuable insight into how you can take steps towards understanding yourself more and live life as your best self every day.

But today I wanted to talk about the benefits of coaching – the Transformations!

When I think back to my first training day with The Coaching Academy in 2018, I was petrified to leave my chair and talk to other people. By the end of 2019, I was hosting group coaching and networking nights. 

This is only one tangible example of my transformation.

When I was working with my High-Performance Coach, I had to decide on three words that I would use to describe how my successful self would show up every day. At the beginning of the program, they were Focused, Curious and Passionate. By the end of the program I reflected back and realised that I had truly and very comfortably become these things.

So, it was time to come up with three more… I chose Brave, Bold and Consistent. These were a little more outside of my comfort zone than my first three had been.

Six months later, I still repeat those words to myself every day.

Every decision I make, every action (or inaction) I take, I ask myself “Am I being bold in my message? Am I being brave for taking this step? Am I being consistent with my goals and my values?”

These three words have bought me to where I am today, sharing this story with you now. They are the words that my brand and business have been build around.

In 2018, I was at a point in my life when I was ready for a change, to take control of my life. My goal was to become a qualified coach and start my own business. Having worked with a coach, I have now achieved this and more. I was able to find myself, my purpose, my confidence, my fulfilment and the joy in my life I had already created for myself.

Whilst most of my clients focus on these areas, not everyone wants start their own business or become a coach themselves.

And that’s the wonderful thing about coaching… It’s not a one size fits all process! It works completely around you as the client. Its focus is always your goals, your values, your decisions.

It’s your journey, and it’s one that doesn’t stop when the coaching sessions stop!

So, long story short… Be Bold, Brave and Consistent … Be You! – Kristy Biggs

Originally posted by Kristy Biggs for Creating Your Castle