Am I Being Productive… Or Am I Just Busy?

I love creating to-do lists and filling out my multiple planners! I’m addicted to the sense of achievement I feel when I tick something off as done and this helps keep me focused. Then, before I do or create anything for my business, I have to read and learn about whatever I am doing. IContinue reading “Am I Being Productive… Or Am I Just Busy?”

Finding your way back to your purpose and passion

In life, business, relationships and travel, we all occasionally lose our way. We lose sight of our destination – our purpose and our passion. Most of the time we just need to take a break or change our environment. To give ourselves a chance to sit back and look at the bigger picture again andContinue reading “Finding your way back to your purpose and passion”

So, What’s Your Excuse?

“Ms Smith did X and she had Y challenge to overcome… so what’s your excuse?” Ummm… Her goal isn’t my priority! I’m all for sharing success stories and challenging people’s excuses, but at what point does it go from being encouraging and supportive, to shaming? This is something I seem to be coming across aContinue reading “So, What’s Your Excuse?”


As a business owner, we have an abundance of resources available to us, whether online in articles, free workbooks and videos, or offline with books and networking events. In addition to these resources, I am also enrolled in two amazing membership sites that have masterclasses on every aspect on business and are 100% aligned with theContinue reading “5 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT”


So, 2020 hasn’t quite gone as planned, but it’s not over yet! There’s still time to pause, pivot and be proud of yourself. It feels like over the last few months that everywhere I turned I was being told to pivot. In my personal routines, business… pivot! It got to the point that when IContinue reading “IT’S TIME TO PIVOT AGAIN”


What does success look like to you? Is it a dream house, holiday or car? Or is it to have great work/life balance? For me it was to have my own successful coaching business, to be debt free and financially abundant, and to be able to travel the world staying in stunning places before returningContinue reading “TRUE BENEFITS OF COACHING”


This year has bought us many opportunities to learn and understand each other at a much deeper level, to reconsider our priorities and the impact of our actions. It has also bought new challenges around mental health. Mental health has always been a topic close to my heart and as supporters, carers and sometimes asContinue reading “MY TOP 10 MINDFUL HABITS”


That’s right! Time to learn from out F.A.I.L.S!! With a bit more time on my hands recently, I have been reading a few short business books and they all keep talking about failure – they have stats on the number of businesses that fail, they tell you what to do so that you don’t failContinue reading “LEARNING FROM OUR FIRST ATTEMPT IN LEARNING STORIES”


Have you ever wondered what money mindset coaching is, or why it is necessary? Surely it is odd that people struggled with attracting and accepting money into their lives. At a conscious level, nearly everyone wants to attract and accept money into their lives. It helps our world go round – it puts a roofContinue reading “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY… MINDSET”


Signing up your first client is one of the most exciting times for a coach… if not the most! It marks a time when you are no longer a wantpreneur and become “a real business owner”. What we don’t always realise is that we have a very important client long before that, they just don’t payContinue reading “YOUR JOURNEY – YOUR TRANSFORMATION”