Your journey to success begins with clarity about your values, goals and inspired action. 


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We offer digital downloadable printables for you to complete to help plan, create, organise and care for your mind, body and spirit.

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Why Creating Your Clarity? 

Creating Your Clarity was founded by Mindset and Business Coach, Kristy Biggs.

Using her training, experience and love or planning and organising, she has created resources for you to work through to help achieve success. These resources are the ones she uses for her own planning and in her 1:1 coaching programs. 

Supercharge Your Goals


Achieving what you want in life is a journey, nurturing your mind, body & spirit. 

This toolkit has been designed in 3 steps to help you achieve success:

Step 1: Build clarity on where you are now and what matters most to you.

Step 2: Designing goals, opportunities and inspired actions.

Step 3: Creating habits to help support your journey to success.  

Personal Development Plan


Are you ready to go on a journey of creation and gain new knowledge, skills and behaviours? 

This plan guides you to develop a personal vision, complete a personal analysis then create action plans to turn your vision into a reality.

Mindful Habits


Begin making mindfulness a daily experience and joy.

This bundle includes a daily mindfulness activities list, wellness tracker, suggested reading list, spending tracker, urgent/important matrix, to-do list and mind map, allowing you to create mindful habits with ease.

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